The Joy of Photographing Ice

It's still quite cold across much of the United States, and with winter still in full swing, it's a great time to get out and photography the unique beauty it brings along with it. This great video takes a look at how photographing ice can make for unique and gorgeous images.

Coming to you from Adam Gibbs, this awesome video follows him as he spends time photographing ice. The thing I love about ice is that it offers such a multitude of different looks that can be achieved simply by changing your perspective or moving slightly. Using a wide angle lens can yield images that show how it accentuates its surrounding environment, while changing things up and zooming in or far out can show off its intricate, unique patterns that can turn familiar winter landscapes into abstract, almost alien worlds. What's even better is that because it forms and constantly morphs into such distinct patterns, almost no two images will ever be alike, and you'll have plenty of subject matter to work with in varying ways. I definitely recommend taking some time to head out and photograph it before winter is over (just be careful not to slip)! Check out the video above for more on the topic. 

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Well I’m in the Everglades sweating my butt off in 86 degrees the past two days. I’ll give the ice a shot when I go back home next week.