Jump Start the Creative Process by Using a Sense Other Than Sight

If you're constantly seeking inspiration from the same places, it can be hard to move forward creatively. Worse yet, if many others are also using the same sources as you, there is a risk of making work which is just like everyone else's. With this in mind, the guys over at Canon Australia have produced another episode in their series from The Lab, a collection of short experiments designed to shift creative thinking behind the lens.

In this particular episode titled, "The Menu," three photographers were invited to work with an artist from another field. This time, the artist was head chef Clayton Wells from the restaurant Automata. The photographers were each given something from his menu to experience blindfolded and were then asked to interpret photographically what they "saw."

It's always interesting to see different creative worlds come together. Although it appears the photographers are initially being pushed outside of their comfort zones, they quickly settle into the challenge of using a sense other than sight to be inspired. The video is a great watch, and it's fascinating to see how three different photographers produced very different work under those special circumstances. It also got me thinking about how I personally look for inspiration and helped me see that switching off something as important as vision could actually open up a world of possibilities.

So if you're struggling for that spark for your next idea, maybe try letting one of your other senses lead the way. You may just be surprised at what you find.

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Paul Parker is a commercial and fine art photographer. On the rare occasion he's not doing photography he loves being outdoors, people watching, and writing awkward "About Me" statements on websites...

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surprising inspirative

Great to hear!

Killer video, lovely

that's weird because i always take photos blindfolded.


I'm always moved by endeavors like these. I only hope my photography becomes the half of this.

The fact your eyes are open to cool inspiration like the video above means you'll go a long way.

You'd be surprised at how many photographers can't actually see...