Learn How This Awesome Photo Was Shot

In pursuit of showing off the beautiful set design, this gorgeous photo ended up using a total of six lights, as well as a haze machine. Go behind the scenes with this awesome video to see how this complex and intricate setup all came together to produce the final result.

Coming to you from Lindsey Adler Photography, this great video will show you how she shot this rather involved image that used a total of six lights in its creation. While you might not find yourself creating images with lighting this complex very often (I don't even own six lights), seeing how the image comes together is still very valuable educationally speaking, as it'll teach you quite a bit about shaping light to get the desired result. You can see Adler's expertise in doing this particularly in that the straight out of camera image is so close to the finished result, with only a bit of adjustment to get it to the desired look. I was also fascinated by her use of haze to not only add a dreamy look, but to open up the shadows a bit. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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Studio 403's picture

Lovely post. I need to keep my jealousy at bay. Looks like the ProFoto lights, maybe $9,000 tied up,Yikes, My small Godox are jealous too...but I am content, Lovely Ms Adler

Jay Jay's picture

Don't be surprised if she likely got everything free from them. She has a featured page on their site, and Profoto has a paid video course from her on lighting. Don't be jealous of your Godox's, I've yet to read a review where Profoto has bested them, except in build quality. (I have Godox as well, and love them).

You don't have to.... Look up some of the old Strobist work. Reminds me of it. Basically lots of inexpensive speed lights...

Ivan Lantsov's picture

only 1 light is key, others are fill

Blake Aghili's picture

Hmm interesting. I had used 5 degree grid snoot before for beauty but never in that much far distance. I should play with the distance sometime