Play With Angles to Improve Your Photography and Videos

Use that rotatable screen on your camera to get down low and add variety to your photography and video portfolio.  Different angles provide the viewer with a different way to see the world.   
J.P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens provides six great tips for getting down low and adding interest to your photography and videos. Each tip provides a reason why you might want to use a low angle for your photograph or video. Of course, the low angle doesn’t mean you have to be on the ground, just get below eye level. But why stop there? Why not go lower and see what develops?  

As humans we are all well aware of what the world looks like from eye level, so by changing that angle for our viewers we automatically start to develop an interesting element to grab our viewer’s attention. As Morgan points out we can use that angle to develop a strong hero type of image. I regularly use this type of angle for my motocross images. As the riders pick their starting positions on the start line I will get down low in front of the start gate and shot up. Not only does this help provide a hero type of image but it also permits me to use the start gate as a foreground element and also eliminate the clutter of the mechanics and race officials in the background. I also find this angle can be great for photographing young athletes to give them a more adult look.

Morgan also points out that a low angle is a great way to emphasize the legs of a model. Of course, this has to be done with care as too much of an angle with a wider lens can result in a small upper body and miniature heads. Or this can be used to give an exaggerated concept type of look. That’s the beauty of photography — break the rules and you might come up with something interesting.

Have you used low angles in your work? If so why not share them below? 

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Lou Bragg's picture

They always come up with interesting stuff!!

Douglas Turney's picture

I have to agree. JP Morgan does a good job of coming up with interesting topics and conveying those topics in an easy way to understand.