Rejection Happens to All of Us: Get Used to It to Be a Successful Photographer

No one likes rejection, but it can hit particularly hard in photography, where you feel like you've invested a bit of yourself in your creative endeavors. This excellent video talks about how an early rejection almost caused a now quite successful photographer to hang up his camera permanently.

Coming to you from Joel Grimes, this great video tells the story of his first portfolio showing and the rejection that ensued, followed by how he found himself again and pushed to grow and find success. While it's important to listen to the feedback from knowledgeable and experienced people, it's also crucial to remember that no single opinion should make or break your career, particularly in an industry where the number of opportunities and collaborative avenues is huge. A lot of the most successful photographers are there not just because they're talented, but because they developed thick skin early on and learned to be persistent despite rejection. Take the feedback you get from a rejection and integrate it into your development if you think it's valuable and constructive, but don't let the emotional reaction to the experience take over your decision-making. 

Lead image by Nahashon Diaz, used under Creative Commons.

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Jerome Brill's picture

I'll change the message a little bit, Don't let two stars steal your dream.

You were able to bench over 300lbs Joel ? Respect !
And a fantastic story told with a heart, thank you.

Yan Pekar's picture

Thank you for inspiring and very encouraging lesson!