A Retouching Course That Will Set You up for a Career Path as Professional

A Retouching Course That Will Set You up for a Career Path as Professional

Do you ever ask yourself whether your method of retouching is correct or the best or if there is something new to learn, like how to use frequency separation and a tool in Photoshop that you’ve never tried?

Rosella Vanon has created a beauty and portrait retouching masterclass that will be a great refresher for most photographers and the best way to get started in retouching if it’s a career path you’d like to take on. From the first introductory lesson, you get a recap of Photoshop’s power, and she gives you an intuitive method of following along even if it’s one of your first experiences with photos and Photoshop.

The course is also broken down into specific parts, so you can go through the section dedicated to eyes and follow along, knowing that by the end of it and with a little bit of practice, you’d be good at it. The sections are: Eyes, Skin, Lips, Hair, and Hands.

What’s more is that it is good training. Ask any retoucher, and they’ll tell you that the training you receive in this course is what they would recommend for you to become professionally equipped to do the job.

Time isn’t always on our side, but with learning online, you can get the information at small intervals during the day and decide for yourself when you want to learn something new. Often, retouching is seen as something that is sourced out to an agency or freelancer that you’ve grown to trust. Or, you do your own work and deliver work of a high standard.

There are many tutorials on YouTube, sure. You can find ways of enhancing eyes, but with this course, the value lies in the way you are taught and the process of learning the total skill of retouching in one process.

It’s an affordable investment, and it can be the gateway to the start of a new career.

Let’s Take a Closer Look


Removing blood vessels, modifying the mascara and removing clumps, and editing the pencil lines and thickening the eyebrows are all worked through.


I’ve always used the healing stamp tool, which she uses, but she also uses dodge and burn. She also shows how to mute the texture a little without blurring or smudging it away.

Lips and Teeth

Although I’ve used frequency separation for skin, she uses it for the lips and teeth. She shows you how to set it up and explains what it means to separate the texture and the color as frequencies.


Flyaway hair is always an issue, and she shows how she approaches it. She is really good at analyzing what is needed and what would be best to start with.


Retouching nails and giving the knuckles the same color tone as the rest of the hand is always challenging, and she shows how to do it in the most efficient way. 

What I Liked

I think the way the course is set up with the lessons focusing on specific areas of the face or body is great. I can now go back to that specific lesson if I want to refresh myself or be sure I didn’t miss anything.

Having it online is the real win for me too. I can access the course when on the train, on the beach, or on the river bank.

I liked her voice. It’s gentle and not rushed. She goes through things in an empathetic way, meaning she considers the listener and wants to make sure that they understand.

I think this course is a great one to set you on your way to become a photo retoucher or a photographer who can flex their chops at Photoshop to create professional images.

What I Didn’t Like

I think for beauty and portraiture, it’s a well-rounded course, but I would’ve perhaps liked more of the business side of things. Dealing with clients, actually getting work, and collaborating with photographers and agencies would’ve been great, but looking at the visual arts industry now, I think this would a completely different course altogether.


When we return back to more of a normal life, you’ll want to share images that you’ve retouched. You’ll want to show your style of work and send some emails to potential clients, whether they’re photographers or agencies looking for higher-quality images.

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The real career path displayed here is selling tutorials. This faux review/Ad thing skipped over the price, what is the price? Or must you sign up to be on a mailing list..

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You make a very good point, if photography is so lucrative why are more photographers lining up to sell a tutorial when the same information is available for free on you tube

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Yes, this is more of an advertorial. I never trust services that make you sign up and give all of your contact information before you can find out how much it costs. This article is just click bait.

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Baie lekker