Shooting the Groomsmen in a Wedding

Shooting groomsmen can be fun but challenging too given the huge amount of time and attention that often goes into the shooting of the bride and the bridesmaids. Vanessa Joy shares her tips on photographing the groomsmen in this video. 

It is wise to do a bit of pre-planning, which comes in handy on the big day. One of the essential tips is to categorize the kind of shots that you will be taking. For instance, there can be a group shot of the groomsmen alone, a group shot of the groom and the groomsmen, individual shots of groomsmen, etc. Once you have this in mind, you can play around with the kinds of shots. And the next important thing to care about is posing. You can either play with their height order and make them stand in a triangle, throw a joke and capture their candid emotions, or pull around the chairs nearby and create a line. Now as much as you are involved in the scenario, it is also helpful to have a second shooter who is on their toes and capturing candid shots. Often, when shooting the groomsmen, it is always the candid behind-the-scenes shots that will make for the interesting memories later. So, having an extra shooter who pays attention to details and the people in a dynamic way gives the advantage. Communication is the key. Check out the full video to see how Joy goes about photographing the groomsmen.  

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