Newlywed Bride and Groom Soaked After Being Hit by Huge Wave During Honeymoon Shoot

Newlywed Bride and Groom Soaked After Being Hit by Huge Wave During Honeymoon Shoot

Most couples probably expect to be swept off their feet on their wedding day, but for one couple, it became literal, when a rogue wave hit them. In a now-viral post, their wedding photographer caught the moment the water came crashing into them.

Hawaii-based Sunny Golden was on hand to shoot the couple’s honeymoon photos. The plan had been to shoot in their wedding attire, with a beachfront location forming the backdrop. The choice stemmed from wanting a contrast to the mountain setting that featured in their actual ceremony.

However, they were taken by surprise after a wave consumed the couple, soaking their outfits. And in great form, the couple managed to laugh through the moment and even snuck in a kiss, while Golden continued to snap away. Bride Bekah Blakely-Savage revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle that she could laugh about the incident given that the pressure of her actual wedding day had already passed.

We were already married by that point, so I wasn’t really concerned about the dress. We hung it out to dry overnight, then tried to shake out as much sand and salt as possible before we put it back in the garment bag to fly home with it the next day.

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PUBLICITY IS WEIRD 😅 These photos got some action this week. What was just another awesome and successful water session for me somehow became worthy of national press. Like whaaaaa?!? Since Halloween this shoot has been posted on Fox News, Yahoo, Insider and Daily Mail! “Bride and groom slammed by wave” “Couple’s beach wedding shoot goes viral” “Brides dress almost DESTROYED”. Just to show a few snippets of the headlines that were featured 😂! I feel like you always hear of the press stretching or twisting the truth a bit to make things interesting for their readers. But now I get to see it first hand! Because, let me just tell you that all my couples have a good idea of what their getting themselves into when the sign up for WATER photos hahaha! This was no accident, but I guess you gotta give the people what they want to hear 🤷🏽‍♀️ Although I work with these types of shoots on the weekly, it’s been a fun to see sweet Bekah and Tim’s smiling faces in all this articles! I texted Bekah yesterday basically saying “isn’t this so crazy?!?” Since I know she’s having interviews with reporters all week as they collected content for these pieces. It’s been a fun ride seeing a glimpse into the world of press! Okay let’s have some fun with this now! Swipe through and name your favorite headline OR if your were a reporter for this story what headline would you give it? My personal fav is Daily Mail cuz it’s SOOO Dramatic 🤣🤣🤣 way to bring the drama!

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A local dry cleaner, Fort Worth’s Comet Cleaners, even actually managed to salvage the dress.

Images courtesy Sunny Golden and used with permission.

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