Shooting Low Key Portraits in Studio Space

Shooting low key portraits is fun. It does not require any fancy equipment, only the right understanding of light and the execution of the idea in mind. In this video from Adorama TV, Gavin Hoey explains his school of thought on shooting low key portraits in a small studio setup. 
As always, it begins with the idea you have in your mind. Low key portraits involve predominantly utilizing the dark tones to create dramatic images. Obviously, the first attention to detail has to be the background. It is best to keep it black or dark gray. A single light setup works well for this, while factors like the direction and the intensity of the light are crucial. Once you have a model in place, through trial and error, you will be able to achieve the desired mood. And from there, it is about improvising to achieve that perfect shot you have in mind. In this video, Hoey uses a cloth prop, plays around with the direction of light, and channels it to create variety. He also changes the way the model faces the light, for it influences the final image to a great extent. A little post-processing gives the final touch. Take a look at the full video to see the process. 

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