Six Helpful Tips for Better Landscape Photo Composition

Talking about good composition is one of the subtler aspects of image-making, but of course, a composition can make or break a photo. This helpful video will give you six tips for composing better landscape images.

Coming to you from Andy Mumford, this great video gives some tips for making stronger compositions in your landscapes. When you're starting out, it's easy to get caught up in the sheer beauty of what you're photographing, but unfortunately, what's beautiful to the eye doesn't always translate to a strong image for many reasons. Of the tips, I think the most important to consider is a subtractive philosophy. We often think very additively when composing photographs, positioning and including elements to balance and play off one another, but sometimes, it's more helpful think about what can be taken away from a composition and how one can create a photo with nothing but the most essential elements, giving a stronger emphasis on the focal point. Many of the best landscape photos you'll see are extremely minimal, often having nothing but a single focal point surrounded by an otherwise nearly uniform scene. It's not the only style, but it's a good one to study when you're working on composition. 

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The same subjects that have been covered endlessly and yet, his presentation and explanations make this video stand out. Thanks!

Thank you so much for this video! Now I realize why so many of my pictures don't really work even if they were taken in a beautiful location. I have been doing photography for many years and this short video will definitely help me make better pictures. Well done!