Six Ways to Get More Out of Your Gimbal

The gimbal. It's a small miracle of modern technology that allows all of us to create smooth, professional-looking videos. However, with a bit of ingenuity, you can get a lot more out of your gimbal than you might have expected, as this helpful video shows.

Coming to you from Cooperative of Photography, this great video shows six ways to get more out of your gimbal. If you're not already using one, they're a great way to immediately and markedly improve the quality of your videos, but their usefulness extends well beyond just stabilization of the frame. As the video shows, with a bit of ingenuity, you can take advantage of those stabilization capabilities to enable shots that simply wouldn't be physically possible (or at least wouldn't look good) without the gimbal's help. This enables you to create looks that seem as if they were filmed with a much more expensive rig or simply explore different artistic possibilities. I was particularly impressed by the simulated crane shot, which only takes a bit of rope and a second camera operator or friend on the other end of the line. Check out the video above for the complete rundown of techniques and tricks. 

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Doug Gritzmacher's picture

Ah, the classic chair dolly gets a modern day upgrade! I own a gimbal AND a boom pole. Why haven't I thought of this??? I need to try that. Thanks for sharing.