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Techniques for Beach Compositions

Capturing those beautiful seaside scenes can be incredibly fun as well as a completely unique challenge. If you are planning on going after some beach compositions of your own, then this video is made just for you.

I am a big fan of these videos by Michael Breitung because not only does he walk us through his technical approaches to his landscape shots, but he also takes the time to tell us what's going on in his head as he walks through his scene and what opportunities and limitations he is seeing. Things like the orientation of the coastline in relation to the positioning of the sun, the rapid changes in atmosphere and sky elements, and the nature of working around sunbathers and other people who are enjoying the beach are all different things that will affect how you go about capturing your shot. Breitung spends the time to show us what he's seeing in real-time and talks about the plan that he puts together for capturing the scenes he's seeing in the way he wants to capture them. Sometimes, the elements don't cooperate as well as you'd like them to, but in this video, we are given some great advice as to what to do with your time and your location in such situations as well as how to shoot that epic shot when things do align.

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