Ten Creative Ways to Use Colored Light in Your Photography

You don't have to look very far to see how popular and effective the use of colored light is in both still and moving image projects. Add these 10 lighting setups to your creative arsenal before your next video or photoshoot.

The team over at B&H are back once again with another inspiring video showing the many different ways colored light can be used while on set. The video uses Luxli’s new Timpani LED Panel in its many lighting examples but all the techniques shown could easily be used with whatever kind of lights and gel pack combinations you already own.

What I particularly like about the video is how well the various lighting setups are explained and accompanied by a handy lighting diagram for each. Jake Estes from B&H shows how easily you can add drama and excitement to everything from traditional interview setups, to using them in a commercial setting, to getting super creative and incorporating color into your dramatic cinematic pieces. Personally, I have been reluctant to embrace LED lights in my own work, but after seeing how something like the Timpani can give a lot of flexibility and variety when shooting, I would be really interested to give them a go. Being able to dial in the exact shade of color you require, without the need to carry a whole bag of gels would be very appealing to me.

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Timothy Daniel's picture

.. If creative choices are being made from a predetermined list someone else made how is it creative?

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Jay Jay's picture

It's pricey AF ($1k for a 12"x12" panel), but i will say it's ability to change color is impressive.

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I hear you Jay Jay, for now, my strobes and gels will have to do... : )