Ten Helpful Tips for Composition in Landscape Photography

Composition in landscape photography is tricky business, as you don't have something like a person as an obvious subject, and you need to find harmony between numerous competing elements at vastly different distances. These two great videos will give you ten tips to improve your landscape compositions.

Coming to you from former Fstoppers Photographer of the Month (July 2017) Mads Peter Iversen, these two great videos will give you a range of tips for improving your landscape photography compositions. Of them, my personal favorite is ensuring you have a strong focal point. It's easy in landscape photography to find a beautiful scene and just throw a wide-angle lens on and document it, but often, this doesn't translate to a compelling image. It's important to have a focal point that draws your viewer's eyes in and often then leads them across the image, and finding one that balances with the rest of the elements often means considering the foreground, midground, and background all at once, which is one of the challenges I've always enjoyed in the genre. 

Check out the other five tips below:

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These three (he made another one not mentioned in this article) videos by Mads Peter Iversen on composition are some of the best and most easily digested educational photography content on YouTube IMHO.