Is There a Such Thing as 'Bad' Light in Photography?

We talk a lot about the importance of good light in photography, but on the other hand, is there even a such thing as "bad" light? This great video discusses the topic and why you might be missing out on images if you sit around and wait only for good light. 

Coming to you from James Popsys, this worthwhile video discusses the importance of not getting obsessed with good light in photography. Although Popsys focuses his discussion on landscape photography, I think this is something that can really apply to just about any genre. Rather than thinking of light in terms of being good or bad, I think it can be far more beneficial to think of light in terms of what sort of images it is conducive too. For example, portrait photographers often opt for soft light from large sources, as it tends to be more flattering on facial features, but that does not mean hard light that creates harsh shadows and stark contrasts can't create good images too. It is simply that that hard light creates images that are appropriate for conveying a different message or mood than the soft light. Check out the video above for Popsys' full thoughts. 

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