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Think You're Being Spied On? Here's How to Find Hidden Cameras

Think You're Being Spied On? Here's How to Find Hidden Cameras

Have you ever had the feeling that something in your hotel room wasn't quite right? Or that someone, somehow was watching you? This will help guide you through the process of finding hidden cameras if they've been planted in your room. 

Technology is getting more and more sophisticated these days. Companies are able to pack more and more features into machines, yet keep them incredibly small. This is wonderfully convenient in the case of smartphones or cameras with interchangeable lenses, but it can pose a problem in other scenarios. One such situation is when unscrupulous people use tiny cameras to secretly spy on others without their knowledge. It could be in a hotel room, it could be in public changing rooms, or it could even be in airplanes, as the Southwest Airlines controversy this week showed us. 

This guide, published by Forbes, gives you some very practical, useful information on how to locate any hidden cameras you might suspect are being used. There are five tips in all, and each goes into specific detail on what you need to do. The most obvious one relates to finding something out of place such as an alarm clock on a high shelf that's out of arm's reach or placed at a dubious distance from the bed. But it's not just alarm clocks to be wary of, the article provides a whole list of potential items to scan in your room. There are other ideas, as well as some very useful apps that can help you uncover even the most sinister, well-placed spy camera. 

Give it a read and let me know if you have any other tips. In this modern world, where we use companies like AirBnB in which we share the rooms of regular householders, information like this can be invaluable, particularly to solo, more vulnerable travelers.

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did not think about it. I should be more careful.

So basically, to find them, you have to look for them. Look very carefully.

knowing where to look and what to look out for is helpful

Your cellphone, laptop, and computer monitor with camera & mic are your biggest spies.

that can go both ways!