Visual Arts School 'Antonelli Institute' Closing in May 2018

In a world where a formal education in creative fields is becoming less valued by many, Antonelli Institute in Philadelphia, Pa has announced it will no longer be offering its visual arts programs after the 2017-2018 academic year. Founded in 1938, Antonelli Institute offers two year accredited Associate's Degrees in Photography & Graphic Design.

In a letter published to Facebook on July 5th, 2017, by the President of Antonelli Institute, John Hayden, he gave reasons for the upcoming closing as "...uncertainties surrounding our future location and changes in the external environment..." The full release is as follows:

"Attention friends of Antonelli Institute
Message from our President, John Hayden

After considerable discussion and deliberation, the difficult decision has been made to no longer accept new enrollments to Antonelli Institute, which will result in the winding down of all educational programs over the next year. Due to uncertainties surrounding our future location and changes in the external environment, we have concluded that this is the responsible course of action.

We sincerely appreciate the dedication, commitment, and service of our Faculty, Staff, Program Advisory Committees, Alumni, and Employers over our almost eighty years of serving students and we look forward to your continued support during this difficult transition.

Over the coming days, weeks, and months, we will be reaching out to individuals as appropriate to keep you informed.

We remain very committed to ensuring that students are able to complete their academic programs and receive quality employment assistance. If you have any questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to come to my office or call to talk to me.

John Hayden, President"

Online workshops, webinars, and training are great, but nothing can replace the foundation of a quality collaborative education with experienced teachers providing hands-on course instruction and feedback. In a world where established careers in creative fields are getting harder to find, and where journalism is under perpetual attack, it's hard not to see this closure as more writing on the wall.

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Michael Comeau's picture

The traditional classroom environment offers a lot of benefits, but the economics of these schools don't make sense in 2017.

You can learn so much from online education, and in-person classes and workshops.

Plus, you can get a ton of real-world experience from interning/assisting, even if you're working for free.

And many traditional art schools offer continuing education classes that are the same as what day students take - at a tiny fraction of the price.