Free Access to Eight Online Workshops From World-Class Cinematographers

Learning and improving our craft should be as important as producing content. Online educational resources have made training and workshops accessible to everyone worldwide. One fantastic example is this year’s CineSummit. If you are into cinematography, want to get into it, or even if you are just curious to learn more about content production, then this is for you!

CineSummit is similar to a two-day conference except it’s online and thus accessible to everyone from anywhere. Amongst the teachers, we find commercial videographers such as Federico Cantini who's shot for Sony, Renault, or even Coca-Cola, and Fernando Reyes whose work has been used by Hyundai and Motorola. But if you are not into commercial productions, don't worry, in total eight world-class cinematographers will dissect their very own work and show you how they realized it. Discover how to find the perfect location every time, how to refine your lighting, or even how to create multiple looks without relighting and all of this for free! The access to the masterclasses is free on April 4th and 5th. Then, if you want to access the content anytime, you can upgrade, later on, to a lifetime access starting at $149 – or $97 until April 4th.

So if you are looking for a way to improve your video skills, this is an event you cannot miss! Eight free classes from well-established cinematographers teaching content that will interest pros as much as amateurs, how can it get any better? And who knows, perhaps some of you, photographers, will want to get into video after these two days.

For more details and to register to access the courses, visit CineSummit’s website.

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Quentin Décaillet is a photographer and retoucher based in Switzerland specializing in portrait and wedding photography.

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