Watch This When You're Feeling Down About Your Work

It's certainly easy to go through periods of feeling down about your creativity or the quality of your work; it's something we all go through. If you're currently going through such a phase, it's worth taking a few minutes to watch this great and inspiring video.

Coming to you from DSLR Guide, this thoughtful video talks about dealing with feelings of not being good enough and similar thoughts. It's easier than ever to compare yourself and your work to others these days, and it's a very natural thing to do. After all, we all want to know if we're "good enough," whatever that means. It's easy to let the negative feelings that arise from outward comparison start to spiral and drag your motivation and self-worth as an artist down, which is why it's crucial to learn to measure your growth against yourself and nothing else. If you commit yourself to becoming better, being open-minded, and exploring new creative avenues, you'll always grow as an artist in the long run, and since we can only control ourselves, we should only worry about ourselves. Deriving your worth as an artist from how you compare to others is a surefire way to kill your love of the creative process, and that's a terrible thing to lose. Check out the video above for more. 

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