What to Do When You Don't Have Time for Photography

Photography is of course something we all love, but it takes time, and when it's not your profession or you're busy with client work, finding time to shoot what you love can feel next to impossible. This great video explores what we should do when we don't have time for the photography we want to be doing.

Coming to you from Denae & Andrew, this awesome video talks about how to carve out time for photography when you feel like you're just too busy. Even (or especially) when you're a professional, work can feel like it's pulling you away (and it often is) from what you truly want to be shooting, and that can be frustrating, particularly when you've chosen a career or serious hobby based on your passion for it. As the video describes, we often think of anything involving creative pursuits as needing large chunks of time to seriously explore, but just carving out smaller blocks every day to keep the creative muscles in shape can make a huge difference, particularly when we do have more time to work with down the road, as you certainly don't want your skills to have rusted out once you finally have room to use them.

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If you are too busy - raise your prices.

Krzysztof Kurzaj's picture

I think the assumption here is you would do it as a hobby. In my case I usually manage to take some pictures during my commute but clearly everyone has different circumstances altogether.

One thing that comes to my mind - if you cannot find time for photography as a hobby then you probably devote too much time to work and this part requires a fix. Again, different people, different scenarios but just a general thought.

That's correct Krzysztof. Most of my subscribers are hobbyists/enthusiasts, for context.