What iPad Is Right for Your Work?

The iPad has evolved from a device meant purely for media consumption to a powerful tool for creatives. With multiple models in the 2020 lineup, you might wonder which is the right for you. This great video discusses the different models to help you choose. 

Coming to you from Sara Dietschy, this excellent video discusses which iPad model is right for you. Personally, my iPad has been an absolute savior this year. With the pandemic, I have moved to teaching entirely online, and the ability to broadcast my iPad's screen on Zoom combined with the accuracy of the Apple Pencil have made my life so much easier; in fact, I prefer it to a chalkboard since I can easily load in PDFs with music or whatever figures I need. And that is not even counting all the photo editing I do on it. And while mine is a 2017 12.9" iPad Pro, our school recently bought a supply of 10.2" iPads. Since they also now work with the Apple Pencil and are no slouches on their own, at around $300, they make fantastic companions for creatives, especially if you do not need the largest possible screen (which in turn reduces portability a bit). Check out the video above to see which model is right for you. 

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Dana King's picture

What is funny is: Old school chalkboard... so difficult? you have to print out the material pass it out. write on the board were kids in the back have to squint to see. 2020: a writing device that is in 4k (where you have to squint to see) updates that slow it down to the point of screaming. People's digital printing is worse than any drunken person's cursive. Apps that don't work or play well together. Sudden freezes. Yes, technology is FUN and new AND...

Unbunch your (man or woman) panties, the above is just satire, humor, but mostly true XD. Tech can be fun, daunting, and maddening but we all can't live without it... Technology...

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Do you use your iPad as your webcam, too (which means a somewhat less practical camera) ?
I'm using my Mac Mini with a Logitech StreamCam, but I'd like to also use the iPad on occasion. I can do it via SideCar or Luna with the iPad Pro 9.7" as a secondary display - a display with pencil abilities ! - but it means shifting around a bit in Zoom. So I'd be interested in your workflow.