What Will Work Made During the Pandemic Look Like?

Often, times of adversity — war, social crises, pandemics, etc. — lead to some of the most creative, introspective, and deep works of art across many genres. What sort of art can we expect to be made during and after the coronavirus pandemic? This fascinating video discusses art made in times of adversity.

Coming to you from The Art Assignment, this interesting video discusses art made in times of adversity. Artists often respond to and reflect the trends, feelings, and motion of society, and few events have had such a uniformly deep impact all across the globe as the current pandemic, and as such, I am very interested to see how artists of all media and genres respond. In addition to the truly devastating death toll and the economic impact of coronavirus, I think the extended social isolation brought about by safety measures is having a significant impact on both individuals and society at large, and as such, we will see quite a bit of art that focuses on this aspect along with the others mentioned. If the pandemic has motivated you to create any new work, I would love to see it; so, be sure to share it in the comments. Check out the video above for the full discussion. 

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My wildlife photography has changed because of the pandemic, but not in a way that I would have expected.

Some friends of mine who live a few hundred miles from me, and who also photograph wildlife, have found themselves with a lot of extra time on their hands, because the COVID restrictions have affected their jobs. So they have traveled over here to my side of the state to photograph the bird life that is abundant here at this time of year.

Both of these friends are proficient with using playback calls to bring birds in to photo range. This is a type of bird photography I have never done successfully before, because I really struggle with technology, and have never been able to figure out how to get a bird call app on my phone, nor to get my phone and a bluetooth speaker talking to each other. They helped me to figure that all out, and now, thanks to their help, I am all set up with the necessary gear, and am learning how to call birds in for myself.

In just a couple short weeks, these new methods have changed my bird photography. I am now learning how to identify birds by the sounds that they make, and to use those sounds to bring them in. This has already enabled me to capture photos that I never would have been able to capture before ...... and it has all happened because of the pandemic!