When Has a Photo Edit Gone Too Far?

The combination of modern sensors that produce raw files with lots of latitude and advanced post-processing software with powerful capabilities has given photographers more and more ability to push their images to more extreme edits than ever before. So, where is the line when it comes to editing images? This thoughtful video discusses the topic.

Coming to you from Brendan van Son, this great video examines the topic of pushing photo edits too far, particularly when it comes to the point of beginning to degrade image quality by introducing things like noise or artifacts when performing more extreme operations. Often, this can come down to a question of balancing creative vision with the technical limitations of your files. Some photographers are very picky or even downright obsessive about maintaining the utmost technical image quality, and that in turn places rather strict limitations on how far they will be willing to push a photo in post. Others see the creative vision as the ultimate guide and will happily accept a bit of shadow noise or the like in the pursuit of the exact image they desire. Personally, I'm willing to accept a bit of noise if it gets me to where I want. Check out the video above for van Son's full thoughts on the matter.

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Leon Kolenda's picture

Kookie, Well, this is stupid, why, because it all boils down to it's your image, If you like it, F__k what other people think! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! If your doing editing for a client, you may want to kiss his A__ and give what he thinks he wants, so it can appeal to his ego. From a commercial, perspective, I interview my client's, I tell them What I expect from them, and what they can expect from me, I then make a decision based on if they understand my perspective on there project. I rarely have any problems or issues with any clients. So, what may be over post processing to them is there opinion, just like your article here on how you think what is too far!

Ansel Spear's picture

How can you ever trust the judgement of someone who wears a hat indoors - especially one that's on back-to-front.

It’s a valid point. Of course what someone chooses to wear is entirely up to them.
But when we are being asked to take someone’s views on aesthetics serious....and they wear that hat backwards?

Gilmour Dickson's picture

I have no intention of watching another of his videos. Once was enough.

Vladimir Vcelar's picture

I disagree. Speaking purely from a business point of view, it's never "too far" if you keep your clients happy. After all, you're running a business and your clients pay you for your services. You do what's best for business, and not because someone else said so. They're not the ones paying you. I like to communicate with my clients, see what's best for them because I want to see them back. Basic economics 101. But hey, whatever works for you...

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When has a Fstopper video gone too far ??
18 minutes of dude in a hotel room with backwards hat and saying nothing of value is pretty much it !

Well that's good to hear. I came for an article, not a video I probably wouldn't be bothered to watch anyway. At least now I won't have to worry about missing anything interesting.

Stuart Carver's picture

Its not an Fstoppers video?

Danny Boyd's picture

Now if he had thrown in a Luminar replacement sky he would have truly gone too far.

Mark Wyatt's picture

That was my thought when seeing the title.