Which AA Rechargeable Battery Is Best After One Year of Abuse?

Photographers need the best batteries in their gear to stay ahead when it comes to making killer work. It's for this reason that it's crucial you know the strengths and weaknesses of the many battery brands out there.

Without batteries, most photographers would quite literally be left in the dark when it came to taking pictures. Which brand you choose can be somewhat of a minefield, as there are so many to pick from. If that wasn't enough, having to wade through the many fabricated product reviews on places like Amazon and eBay can muddy the waters and add to the confusion even more so. This is why I love to see independent methodical tests done by third parties whose only goal is to find the best products out there. Thankfully for us, Project Farm over on YouTube is one of these testers who has just published his results on which rechargeable AA battery is best after one year of use.

Photographers' favorites like Duracell, Amazon Basics, Panasonic Eneloop, and IKEA LADDA all feature in the test, and a few more obscure brands are also thrown in for good measure. The video tests both batteries which have been used daily and some that have just been stored for a year. These same batteries were also tested for internal resistance, which is important for us photographers who usually rely more on spikes of power in things like our speedlights.

Todd over on Project Farm is very methodical with his approach, and each product he tests gets the same fair treatment. His videos are clear and concise, and it's great to see the results graphed out for easy comparison. I have to admit that I have stuck with the same brand of battery for many years, although after seeing the video, I am tempted to explore some of the other options out there. If you are in the market for some AA batteries or just want to check how well your particular go-to brand is stacking up, this video is for you.

Lead image by Денис Марчук used under Creative Commons.

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Duracell 2400's - Initially they worked well - good mAh, good recycling etc. but there came a point when they (2 sets of 4) all seem to die quickly! Recently checked on a Opus 3100 and their resistance was pretty bad.
But I might not have taken care of them as I should (fully discharging etc)

Ikea Lada 2450's - chose these after researching on battery geek forums. The general consensus was that they were previous generation Eneloops at a fraction of the cost. (And I'm V frugal) So far so good. Had for a year or two - but not pushing them as much as I used to (+ discharging properly now I have the Opus charger)