Why Do All Movies From 1999 Seem the Same?

1999 seemed to be a cultural accumulation point in many ways, and it led to some very interesting trends and creations. This great video examines why so many movies from 1999 seemed to revolve around the same central premises and constructs.

Coming to you from Now You See It, this fascinating video takes a look at movies from the year 1999 and finds the common threads between them, examining what they were and how they came to be. I found it particularly interesting, as I had never really noticed such a common foundational construct between seemingly disparate films, and I certainly had not made the connection to the prevailing culture at large. There was a perception of relative stability around this time period, but a lot of art (not just film, but music and more) tended to look beyond this sort of veneer of comfort in an attempt to shine a deeper (and perhaps truer) light on the dynamics and state of being, both small and large. These artistic trends of a sort of macroscale introspection of society and human existence and meaning collided with prevailing popular culture to coalesce into a widescale phenomenon of attempting to break free from the monotony, the artificial reality. Check out the video above for more on the topic. 

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very good, Alex.
It helps to understand where we are now. Mainstream Hollywood was no different than the marketing campaigns. I was deep into ads by then and I remember clearly the directives. (unlike the Hollywood creative people we -photographers- don't create anything but execute directives. Here's the thing: same as before the character of color must be unbelievably good and perfect but then he'll die first and the main whte character gets the girl. But there is more: cubicles and the sense of a bored life was within a restricted type in the society. In other words and to be clear the brown people were never in the picture (literally). The society was already changing and diverse but you couldn't see it in both the movies and the ads. It was a prelude to the inevitable reaction? I think it was. more you ignore the reality and more the reality comes back to bite, big time.

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This channel rocks.

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Sorry but not all movies from 1999 seem the same.
Surely most of the 1999 US-American films seem the same.
This is due to a lack of imagination and especially to the imposition of a main stream thought and discourse from who (really) governs the nation...

yes, absolutely. Only recently (very recently) we started to see a (slow) change in the scripts re-adjusting (slightly) the fiction closer to the reality of the society at large: before the brown/color character was only serving the whte character. Then the brown/color guy started to take some (some) decisions but still under the supervision of the whte guy. Hollywood (by definition) serves the projection of the rich. Always. Few small changes in roles but still the whte character always gets the girl and decides everything.

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lol. only in america :) and under closer look not probably even there. some parts of hollywood?