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1.7 - "Needs Work" 

Bavarian alps. Oasis of calm in the middle of the mountains. There was an old bobsleigh track from the 1936 winter games nestled just out of view here, hard to believe with all the gorgeous autumn colours.
Taken with a samsung s7 so I appreciate the quality isnt great.
All advice greatly appreciated! Very new to this. Would love to have some experienced advice to use when critiquing my own photos😊 thanks!

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Without getting into too many picky things. The most important and biggest critique is the little dock with the table. It feels like it can't decide if it wants to be in the photo or not! I don't mind it being in this photo, but it either needs to be a bit more in the frame or not at all.

Past that theres lots to like here, Good leading lines, good subject, and a beautiful spot. I could see cropping off the top a little, and considering it was shot with a phone you can't push the edit too much.

Over all I like it, would be a 3 for me if the composition with the dock was a bit different.

Your so right! I think it reminded me of where we spent time while there instead of thinking about how the overall photo would look with it. Im sort of devestated I dont have a photo without it.
To be honest I didnt even own a camera beyond my phone at the point of taking this photo so trying to go from holiday snaps to "portfolio" is gonna take a while lol! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Your photos are intimidatingly good.

Hey thanks for the comment but don't be intimated! We all start somewhere, if I started busting out the shots I began with, they are way worse than something like this!

I actually made a video about learning photography with just your phone. Not trying to plug myself (I haven't made a video in months), but I just wanted you to know I tell people all the time that they can learn with things right at their fingertips. Never get discouraged by what you are shooting with.

I think one of the BIGGEST revelations I had when shooting was shooting for memory or shooting for photography. I used to take a lot of photos because I could. Because I took my camera somewhere and "why not?" Now when I go places, I barely even take my camera out unless I'm specifically looking for exactly what I want in a shot.

I've basically turned to using my phone for memories, and limiting myself to using my camera to things that have the potential for the quality I want.

That said, in the beginning. Shoot everything. In the video I linked, I specifically talk about how going through and editing your photos can teach you more than you can imagine about yourself and ways to improve.

Feel free to reach out for help anytime!

Its like you made the video especially for me ha! Some really useful tips there. So exciting to be learning something new!
Its nice to know theres somewhere to go for friendly advice tbh. It can be pretty daunting. 😊