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2.28 - "Needs Work" 

Blending time & light at Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Java, Indonesia.

Shot over 9,5 hours as a timelapse of 1000+ images. The sky is a blend of images shot at a 30 min interval showing the rotation of the earth The earth is a blend of all images to show the movement of light that occurred during that whole night. The aim was to translate a timelapse into a single image showing the passing of time. This was the shot I had in mind before I even was there.

Mt Bromo has been my nr 1 bucketlist destination for many years. It was part of my 1 month trip to Java. I shot this image during my first night there. I was never happy enough with the result. I wanted the upper part of the bow within the frame and the next day I found a better viewpoint from which I wanted to shoot it, hoping I’d get Polaris better centred. I ended up staying a full month at Mt Bromo to get the shot. I never got it… I slowly realised how lucky I had been that first night with the ideal weather conditions, no dew problems, no clouds or mist, no people messing up the scene with their flashlight and headlights, the beautiful mist in the park and a volcano that rumbled louder than any other night, probably causing the pretty pink/orange glow in the sky which happened only that night.

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Well it's a different take on a star trails and I love how it looks. It looks almost like an autostereogram.

I'm not entirely sure what's going on with the ratings but I like it.

Some astro photos have landscape elements to them. I genuinely feel like this shot isn't much of a landscape photo and certainly feels strictly astrophotography considering what the foreground looks like.

thanks Sasidhar. Almost every shot's been taken already, so trying out some new stuff. Photography means 'drawing with light', so this is a playful take on that. Some more info on those ratings would be nice, there's quite a lack of constructive comment here

For what it’s worth I think this image is awesome. I spent about five minutes looking at it already I really love the colors

Thanks Jayson :)