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2.91 - "Solid" 

This is my day to night photo at the sundial in Blackrock Co. Louth Ireland. Each shot is taken 7 hours apart. Unfortunately I couldn't stay in location, so I had to resetup the tripod and camera with markings I left on the ground and capture the sunrise.

I wanted something to completely represent a sundial and having both a sunrise and full moon rise in the photo was the best option. This alignment only happens like this twice a year.

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Very awesome setup and planning. A solid 3 from me. I'd honestly push up to a 4 but I think I like the idea more than the execution, as in without hearing your explanation, I wouldn't really know whats going on.

Yeah the idea is really cool! Just the transitions are too hard in my opinion. The right side too punchy or the left one too subtle. But really really cool idea!

I struggled with the right side, in one version it was too saturated and vibrant. Trying to think of other places to try this concept out on in Ireland.

Really well done. Hard work and well executed. Always hard to blend the two totally different shots.

Thanks yeah it was hard coming back to location and setting up the tripod again in the same position, this is one of my favourite shots to date.

Great Job, 4 from me