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2.56 - "Solid" 

This is the church at Vik, Iceland. Took two photos to create the panorama and was shot from the beach.

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Marc Vidal's picture

That's really awesome. I can't understand that on 18 votes (so far) it has an average of only 2.28 stars. "Needs Work" my ass. It's like a bunch of trolls is downvoting every picture with the hope to win a tutorial.
Personally, I found this picture awesome. The location is fabulous and the composition is great. The choice of taking this church from that distance, between the 2 mountains creates a powerful image.

Oliver Collar's picture

Thank you!!! Means a lot knowing people are enjoying my photo

Maximilian Sulzer's picture

Beautiful mood

Michael Juarez's picture

Yea this is definitely underrated. Maybe a slight crop to the sky, but you should print this and have it on your wall

Jan Kimla's picture

I kind of agree, but with better postprocessing or different day or daytime could be this picture much better, the composition is excellent, love it