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3.06 - "Solid" 

This was one of the 1st times I used this technique and I still love this image. For this shot, I injected evaporated milk into a fish tank and then composited those shots with the Baileys bottle. Fstoppers was kind enough to upload a video of me creating a similar image a little while back, you can find that video here -

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My problem with this image is that it looks unrealistic. I mean if you went with that look sure, but feels like a cell-shaded cartoon.
Not necessarily bad really, but I doubt it fits with Baileys image line.

Thanks for the comment Marc. I think the dark baileys bottle is partly the reason for the graphical feel you're getting, if there was illuminated liquid inside it might be different.

In terms of whether it fits in with Baileys imagery, I'd say it does with some and doesn't with others. They have some pretty varied advertising shots.

Thanks for the critique! It's always valuable to here a critical opinion.