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With Brian Rodgers Jr.
Submit your best product photos for your chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial
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It's time to pull out your best product photos and see how they stand up against rest of the community. 

Next week, we will have the opportunity to sit down with Brian Rodgers Jr., the photographer behind The Hero Shot. Brian's commercial product photography work is some of the best we've ever seen and this presents the perfect opportunity for you get get your work critiqued by him.

Between now and October 10th, you have the opportunity to submit two of your best product images for a chance to be both critiqued by Brian Rodgers Jr. and win one of two free Fstoppers original tutorials. The first tutorial winner will be determined by the highest rated community image. The second winner will be selected at random. 

As soon as you upload your images, take some time to scroll through the rest of the entries and provide your own feedback. We encourage you to leave helpful and encouraging comments, especially when you recognize how an image could be improved. 

  • Submission Deadline: Thu, 11 Oct 18 03:45:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

  • Voting is closed.

  • 456 people have cast a total of 21,490 votes on 219 submissions from 152 contestants.
  • Congratulations to the winners!

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It's interesting seeing the standard shift from different genre's. Like - Portraits has some AMAZINg things and some snapshots. Same with Landscapes - but products is so narrow I am seeing very very few one or twos - almost every shot (So far) seems ready for someone's book or in a magazine. Dayum

Fun fact about this picture :

I saw 5 votes / 3.6 average vote and a few moments after 6 votes / 3.17 average vote

So someone actually put a 1 star on this image.

I'm wondering if I'm gonna give another try to this fstoppers contests...

I think that there needs to be a higher requirement to rate entries. Letting anyone with a profile rate is just asking for the skewing and bastardization of the contests.

Why not require a minimum of profile pics (say five) with a minimum average profile rating of 2.5 to be eligible to rate in contests?

Just an idea,

I think the "serial 1-starers" can be easily spotted with a few lines of sql codes and kicked off of the contests. Just an idea David Strauss

Yes, but why not simply increase the barrier of entry and make it simple and public? Trolls are generally lazy. Beyond fixing the current problem it raises the bar and hopefully makes the community better.

Definitely not a 1 star image. Haters gonna hate though

My shot has been given a couple of 1's. Ridiculous, I myself now it's not great, I would only give my shot a 2, but it can't possibly be a 1!

This is what happens when you allow everyone to speak and the idea that everyone opinion count. You allow mediocrity to spread.

You have it all wrong. How are people supposed to get better when people like you, would rather just shoot people down instead of help them?

Avoiding trolls, is shooting people down? I'd say that if you leave a 1 star rate on a image that clearly do not match the 1 star rating description, or you are a troll, or envy, or lazy because you haven't read the rating explanation or blind. I'd say that the first three are most probable. That doesn't help at all beside making a community worse.

My bad, I thought you was complaining about the "mediocre" photos. I see you was talking about the trolls. Personally I vote how I see it. Sure mine isn't doing well, but I won't hold that against anyone. Though some people would, not saying you will. All I get from seeing my image not do well, is inspire me to do better.

oh absolutely, I'd say that there is no mediocrity in good will and effort even if the photo do not turn out well. Everyone have to start somewhere! Mediocrity are those people who do not like something, but still have to go comment, rate or whatever.But that's the internet I guess.

Holy smokes, there's some serious haters in this thing. Nearly every image I rated 4 stars already has a "Needs Work" average. Shocking that one of the snarkiest photo communities also has a consistent low rating for everything.

I think its the nature of a rating system where "4 of 5" is considered excellent. It means that the median has to be around 2 or just above.

Yeah, people have to realize that anything from "Okay" to "Above average" are still twos by this rating system.

Also remember that in the videos user ratings and host ratings are generally pretty close

anyone having trouble with submitting??

Yeap, definitely having a problem. Can't seem to be able to choose my photo.

yes. thats what is happening to me

I wonder when it will actually get fixed because this is frustrating.

im not able to choose a picture to upload on either option


Same, please fix it someone

The upload does not work on mac or iphone.

Or windows....

"ReferenceError: plupload is not defined" seems not to be browserrelated

But I admire that the rest of this page still runs so smoothly on Drupal 7

Yeah! I've already uploaded my images. Thanks to the admins for fixing this so quickly!

You can't upload or submit from a MAC? I give this system a 2, needs work. Actually I just remoted into my windows computer at work it didn't work there either. I revise my vote to 0.

Is anyone else having issues submitting photos? I try to either upload my shots or select them from my portfolio, but neither option seems to work.

Im trying to enter an image but the upload tools doesnt seems to be working

The submission of a photo is not working. I tried on several computers and not able to load. I hope FS will fix.

Trying to upload from a Pc and an android phone, nothing seems to work, plz fix!

Same here. Upload doesn't work on Mac (tried with Safari and Firefox, both doesn't work)

Thanks for bringing the upload issue to our attention. We're working on a fix.

To those of you having trouble uploading, can you try again and let me know if its still not working. Thanks.

It is working ;)

Hey guys, this is my first contest and I’m not gunna lie my image isn’t doing well but I’m super stoked to bed getting the feedback that I am. This is an incredibly awesome platform and I can’t wait to keep doing these in the future!

Fstopper folks sure like their guns and booze.

Booze I will grant you, but only 7 of 162 entries feature guns or gun related products.

7 out of 234, actually. I guess those just jumped out at me for some reason.

Right, my bad, forgot to consider that contestants could submit more than one photo each.

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