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2.04 - "Needs Work" 

Founder's Centennial IPA. Perfect football beer.

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Make the bottle more contrast and blur the edges a bit. Also, leave more headroom. Try to change the bluish tint to more warm to blend with a background. Good start but you can make it much better!

Thank you. This is great feedback to have.

highlight reflection on the bottom label is to hard on the right side. Top label lightning looks perfect to me, but it's not strait on the bottle. Lose the white spots on the bottom of the bottle rim. :) and remove the lightstand pole from the highlight between the labels.
maybe next time take a shot with no water drops on the label, sharpen the labels and blend the dry label with this image the goal is to make the label sharper but not the waterdrops.

English is not my mother tongue, so use my excuses for my language. for me it is a super picture and in my personal insight I think my above points make your picture even better / better.
Yours sincerely,

Thank you. English is just fine :-) I appreciate the feedback.

Cool concept - but I feel like the rays in the background are too bright and distract from the bottle itself. Maybe tone that down?

Thank you all. I appreciate the feedback. I didn't know there were comments on this so I apologize for the late reply.