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What better way to show off a box of lemon tea than with a lemon teapot! Elements were shot using the same setup and a little compositing to pull them all together with a matching background to (hopefully) form a cohesive image!

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William Howell's picture

Now the pros come out!
Very commercial, excellent job, my only critique would be to add more light, perhaps from a bounce of some sort.

Ian Knaggs's picture

Many thanks William!
Fair point about the lighting... I think that there was a bounce car din there but it was a fair distance away, but i totally get what you mean.
Thank for taking the time to comment - your positivity is very much appreciated!

Good job, except the blend of the different part's of the tea can

Ian Knaggs's picture

Many thanks & fair point Mikael!

you get a 4 from me :) would have been a 5 if the shadows were all moving in the same direction

Ian Knaggs's picture

Many thanks Kyle! Great spot though... i’d Missed that detail!🙈