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1.36 - "Snap Shot" 

Cheese on toast moustache

Technically an absolutely appalling photograph but I didn’t have long, and all I had was an iPad to take it with. I tried to edit it, but only made it worse, so this is the unedited version

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Thanks Jason. I was going to withdraw it, but your comment has convinced me to leave it. The whole point of it was to make people laugh, not get any stars, although it was a bonus having a world class five star vote for about 10 minutes from a gentleman who obviously knows one when he sees it.

Good to know John. Thanks for taking the time out of your, no doubt, busy schedule to let me know. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Five stars, easy!

Aww, thank you Mathias. I would like to believe you meant it. In fact I WILL believe you meant it, whether you do or not. I need a moral boast.