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My version of 'The Birth Of Venus' by Sandro Botticelli

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How dare he. If I had pearls I'd be clutching them too.


I definitely see the quirkiness of the picture and actually think it adds to the message.
It might even play really well as a series having multiple Crops of the image kinda "zooming out" from a Headshot to a "Venus of miles"-like crop, then include the other two and finally the full image revealing the strange circumstances.

Only have three things that don't fully do it for me: 1) the seagull 2) the tattoo on her ankle and 3) the different background-cloth underneath the center model, I'd have prefered the same brown there.
Still easily a 3-4 for me.

It's not her that is supposed to be quirky (in my opinion) it is the situation the image is presenting. The contrast of high-style lighting and retouch to the rather cheap feeling set is what makes it feel strange/unusual/out-of-place.
For me the nudity fits the theme as it's an homage to the greek portrays of women as embodyment of beauty like the Venus from Milet. The
The perception of nudity is very much individual to the viewer. I think this image would have seemed way more "erotic" if she had worn lingeré or even more (which would also not work to the message of the assistants bringing her clothes)
To say nude women can't be quirky in general is just wrong (although that might be how you feel).

> Nudity by definition is erotic
Get the fuck out of here. You're drunk.

I want to keep this discussion respectful although I know I probably can't convince you with arguments Yavor.
The sentence "Nudity by definition is erotic" is just wrong, as eroticism is a psychological construct and therefore never objective. To an asexual human being nothing is erotic, to most straight men the male genitalia is not erotic and to objectophilian people it's a whole different story.
So to generalise something only based on your perception or your own socialisation and calling every other opinion wrong is by definition "narrow-minded".

If you ever have the urge to open your horizons try reading into constructivism.

Sorry Greg for digressing so much from your awesome picture.

I'm sorry for inducing you would call other opinions wrong, I didn't intend my answer to sound reproachful. That was actually a hyperbolic comment on your "by definition", because your definition of eroticism is what I have a problem with. There can't be an objective answer to a psychological or social construct, at least not from the perspective of the interpreter. You could define it from the intention of the creator, which is why porn is easier to classify because it is intended to arouse etc. this image could also be…we'd have to ask the creator, until then it's left to interpretation.
YES, to you this image is definitely erotic and I respect your opinion, but that doesn't mean everyone interprets it that way, and also doesn't mean it can't be quirky for other people for that same reason.
Lastly no I'm not a lawyer as that sentence would really offend me. I'm a teacher as you can probably tell now.

I will leave it at that and not reply anymore. Have a nice day.

quirky but the bird ruins it. Is that the length of her hair or did you extend it in PS?

I love the bird so the bird stays! LOL

Ok, I love the discussion going on here. Obviously I don't agree at all with Yavor with his interpretation of the image.

I think Yavor has looked at the image but hasn't actually 'seen' the image.

So, let me explain the concept.

The Birth Of Venus By Greg Desiatov

I'm a fashion photographer in Australia and every day of my life I see a 'Venus' being created.

We start off with a blank canvas and in this case it's represented with a nude model. We then go through the process of 'birth' where she has her hair and makeup done and then she is clothed by the designer for the final transformation.

Using the painting by Sandro Botticelli was an obvious inspiration for this process.