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2.73 - "Solid" 

A dog dramatically taking control of its own destiny by walking himself with his own leash. Maybe I’m misunderstanding quirky, but that’s what I thought of what with this image.

Shot on a Sony A7iii with a Sigma 35mm 1.4 at f/11 and a 250 shutter and speed light. Edited in Lightroom and Luminar 4.

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It's a shame this dog's tail is cut off. Also the forest in the background is too grainy for this picture to be used in anything other than an aw-this-doggie's-cute competion. I'd say the whole image is a tiny portion of a snapshot, given the A7iii's resolution and luminar 4's extraordinary detail enhancement capabilities.
How this shot gets a 2.74 average compared with some other images that are rated below 2 is beyond me.
Regardless of the topic, I'll try kittens behind bars in an animal shelter in the next competition if that's the way you guys tick :p

@Matt: sorry for this harsh critique, nothing personal, don't let yourself be discouraged,

Harsh critiques are how you improve, I'm never opposed to someones honest opinion. Grain in my images is something I've found myself struggling with recently, at first I thought it was an ISO issue, but a lot of these are fairly low ISO (not this one specifically because it is taken around dusk), but I'm trying to improve and get clearer images. Obviously a 20MP camera won't get the results of a 40 or 60, but it also shouldn't be this grainy, so that's probably one of the biggest areas I've been trying to practice and improve upon. Appreciate the feedback!