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3.47 - "Solid" 

This was shot at a barn that was recently left vacant. And I've been wanting to shoot a scene like this for over a year, but I haven't been able to find a barn that would make a good composition. So when this one came up I jumped on it and managed to pull it off in just two days.

We cut out the guts of a cheap lantern and taped an AD200 to the inside. And to get the light streaks inside and outside of the barn we had three fog machines going. It was mostly lit with one Einstein.

This was shot on a 35mm lens with an Anamorphic Adapter.
Composed against a Root 4 grid.

There's a whole composition breakdown on my Instagram story highlights. If that kind of thing interests you, I suggest you take a minute and take a peek:

Models: @garrettgoerlvisuals and @lindsay.marie.allen
Photo: @jiggliemon
Grip: @garrettgoerlvisuals

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my kind or project, well done

Great mood and feeling. Great colors and detail.

Nice shot. Made me to scroll through your portfolio. "An Unfortunate Situation" and "Stranded" have stayed on my mind. Very good work overall. Did you think of shooting a slightly different sky for this? Like late late sunset. Great job!

TLDR: no. I didn’t.

I I started to write a long explanation, but I think the very best way to show my thought process behind the technical approach is to direct you to this composition breakdown:

As you’re a fellow fiction photographer, I’d be happy to discuss any other questions you might have. But specifically regarding the sunset, I feel like it would have afforded me the complimentary color pallet that afforded the ability to use the color contrast as well as value contrast to compliment the composition.

And more than anything I don’t have the mental capacity to keep anything but the more basic concepts in my head. Maybe one day if I start working with a production designer I’ll be able to make images that are a little more complex in content.

Nice! Started following you in Instagram, will check those breakdowns out.

I agree and it's a strong image as is. I only start to think about what things could be altered when I really like an image. And of course in the end it's the photographers vision what really matters.

And yes, conceptualising these kind of shoots is lot of work but also very satisfying in the end.