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Natural Light Architecture

With Mike Kelley
Show Us Your Best Natural Light Architecture Photographs
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2.61 - "Solid" 

The afternoon sun streaming into this bedroom was so bright that I shot five bracketed exposures and ended up using three for the final composite. The sky above the ocean was boring so it has been replaced to add clouds. Blooming washed out the black door frames, so I selected them and added a black solid color adjustment and reduced opacity. For the TV I used a black-to-gray gradient, added noise, and reduced opacity. Shot on a Sony A7RIII with the 16-35GM at 16mm.

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Looks looks fantastic. I didn't know you could pull this off with bracketing

Thanks Lee. It was Mike Kelley's tutorials that taught me how to shoot and edit. Now I work full time as a photographer and filmmaker for a medical school and I shoot architecture on the side. I couldn't be more grateful to you, Patrick, and Mike for all that you've taught me.

Great image, feels very natural. Curious if you centered the frame on the glass if its better or worse..