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Natural Light Architecture

With Mike Kelley
Show Us Your Best Natural Light Architecture Photographs
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2.38 - "Needs Work" 

The tower is being lit by the last rays of sunset, then I waited for it to get much darker to shoot the car trails. The car trails are made up from about 12 different exposures to get enough traffic, then brushed together using the lighten blend mode. The sky is replaced with a sky I shot above the Grand Canyon. I also photoshopped out massive power poles on the left and all the power lines that crossed the building.

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The light trails are too bright and draw my eye from the building which is clearly the subject. The photo is almost stronger with the light trails cropped out.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll try exporting it with dimmer light trails and another cropped past the street and see how those look.

Too much here that's not about the building, and the towers's glass and sky are almost the same colour.

Since the interior lights are so spotty, i think this might be better to try for a bit earlier. Did you try a vertical image as well? Its a lot of road on the right side that is not adding much to the image. Its hard to find angles on the tall buildings, but would help if you could see how the building is grounded as well, instead of it just floating above the trees.