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2.28 - "Needs Work" 

Shot this for the architect who designed the building. Wawa is like the 7-Eleven of the Northeast US. This is the only two-story Wawa building in the chain. This was created from 10 images, taken at different times throughout the evening when cars pulled out to allow me to have a final photo with only a few cars in the image (which the architect was OK with). Eight of the images were used to "remove" cars as after they pulled out of each parking space. The final two images were used to shoot the building and capture the right level of illumination from the windows and soffit lighting (which the architect was very proud of). All blended in layers in Photoshop with luminosity masking to tame the highlights and darken the sky.

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The sky feels a bit dark to me, but the building looks great. Perhaps you could blend it with an earlier shot? Might also help to warm up the 1st story and exterior lighting a bit, its almost that greenish white that flourscent gives off. The 2nd story windows feel a bit too yellow, perhaps desaturated those by 10%?