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Natural Light Architecture

With Mike Kelley
Show Us Your Best Natural Light Architecture Photographs
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2.65 - "Solid" 

I took this photograph in the SO/Vienna hotel - The main purpose was "portfolio building" as I gave the hotel Social Media usage rights for they to give me access. Overall I am quite pleased with the outcome, especially as I normally tend to use flash.

How I took the photograph:

First I took a picture of the view out of the window (during sunset/golden hour).
A little bit later when it got darker I took an overall picture of the room (all lights off) and added my girlfriend (with an orange juice from the minibar :-) ) as a model. I kept the exposure quite dark to achieve this silhouette look.
Then I took a longer exposure of the room in order to get more light in --> I later used this exposure to add highlights to the bed and to the table on the right.
Finally I took a picture with the indirect light on the left on.

In post production I used the dark silhouette exposure as a base layer, then replaced the window view with the sunset shot I took. I then proceeded to add the highlights from the longer exposure to the bed, table.
In the end I retouched and cleaned the bed (wrinkles) with frequency separation, as well as cleaned dust spots, fringing etc. all around the image.
Lastly I added quite a strong vignette to further emphasise the moody look.

Ps. Sorry for my "soso" English - not my first language :-)

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It’s amazing how much work goes into getting these photos. I have so much to learn