Boudoir Photography - What Exactly Is It And How Do You Approach It?

Boudoir Photography - What Exactly Is It And How Do You Approach It?

If you’ve been following the photography industry in recent years, there’s no doubt that the term ‘boudoir’ has entered your lexicon at one point or another. While the century-old niche has enjoyed renewed momentum as of late, there are many more different groups of people that seem to be losing their inhibitions today than upper-class exhibitionists of the early 1900s. Individuals and couples of all walks of life are seeking boudoir sessions and it’s becoming an increasingly lucrative business. But what exactly is it? And how do you do it?

Virtual Photography Studio’s article “What Is Boudoir Photography And How To Approach It” attempts to answer exactly that. In addition to a breakdown of the different types of boudoir photography, as well as how and why it differs from erotica, they also offer a few tips and tricks, as well as a primer on some basic poses to get you started. So if you’re looking to diversify your portfolio with a corner of the market that’s enjoying a renaissance, head over to the source article and find out how.

[via Virtual Photography Studio]

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Sooooo... A 2 paragraph post that links to another 8 paragraph post. It seems the only thing required for a clickbait story these days is a black and white boudoir photo. Are we running out of serious things to write about?

This all sounds hot, romantic, sexy.........until the clients that show up look something like this:

They could have posed them better.

Wow that article was complete nonsense..

Is this a staff writer that got paid for this article??? . . . seems below the standards of Fstoppers.