Gucci's Instagram Went Meme Over the Weekend

Gucci's Instagram Went Meme Over the Weekend

If you follow the super-brand Gucci on their social networks, especially Instagram, you would've noticed them posting memes. Instagram is a photography and video platform, but there is quite a considerable amount of humor profiles with followings that most of us dream of achieving. 

What Made This So Special

Fashion isn't usually humorous, and laughs aren't part of the pouting model or fashion brand that we get to know in our lifetime. Usually, fashion campaigns are made up of photography and maybe a video or tv ad portraying a model wearing the clothes, or just the luxury product. But, over the last couple of years, Gucci has made themselves relevant to the young crowd again. It's not about the clothing really, but rather the lifestyle that they want you to imagine and try to be part of. And memes have become a trend that showcases the funny or strange part of the fashion industry too. 


A meme is defined as being an element of a culture or system of behavior passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means. The creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele, wanted to demonstrate his desire to engage with a wider creative community, and he did this with humor and memes.

The Gucci campaign over the weekend was done by the current top meme-makers around. Guys like John Trulli, AKA @cabbagecatmemes, Goth Shakira @gothshakira from Montreal, and Collage artist @edouardtaufenbach who makes great collages. 

Why I think it's important to notice these experiments

Humor is a way to make an impression, to be memorable and to create an idea of who you are as a brand or service provider. Instead of just posting work, it might be a good idea to also show what it's like to work with you and what your sense of humor is like and what you find funny. Obviously not too much, it's about the work, but the people you shoot with and the clients you shoot for will create an impression of you, either before or while on set. I think the best way to create a lasting first impression is by getting a smile on their face, through your social feeds or on set. 

What also made it different than the usual fashion industry posts are the fact that the creators of these memes were credited, which rarely happens in a brand-shoot environment. Editorials yes, you'll get your name in the magazine credits, but when shooting or producing work for a brand, your name is not part of the overall package and the brand is the focus. In the millennial generation, being mentioned is important and there is great respect given to the brands who do credit work. Gucci as a brand is, therefore, getting more traction with the millennial generation for doing so. 

How can I use humor in my social feeds? I am a photographer so I don't make memes but I do want to show a funny side of me in some way or form. I also want to pay credit to the team I'm working with, so I'll mention them in the photo I am posting to my social networks. It's a team effort, and not just me. 

You can check out more of their Instagram memes by going to their feed. They are staying relevant, and it's good to know what the super brands are doing to get their customer's attention and imagination flowing. 

What do you guys think, is it a good idea to show you've got a sense of humor and as a photographer to credit the other team-members?

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Wouter is a portrait and street photographer based in Paris, France. He's originally from Cape Town, South Africa. He does image retouching for clients in the beauty and fashion industry and enjoys how technology makes new ways of photography possible.

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So. In terms of Instagram, there's different ways to do comments, but you have to stay in that lane. You can't be fake inspirational one day and then writing funny statements the next. There's literally a photographer I make sure to see all of his work because his comments are so funny. But here are what I think the different categories you can put yourself into.

The fake emotional statement: "I chase the light. It wanders, but when I find it, I cry tears of exposure

The inspirational statement: "Make today yours, and tomorrow yours as well"

The scientific approach: "This is Angela on a red background in a black sweater"

The comedic statement: "When you want pizza, but don't want to move"

The story: "We were climbing up this cliff, and the sun started to turn golden red. It was.. Beautiful.. Immediately we knew we had to stop and start shooting when we get this magical shot"


The Dewey Decimal System: "001/003: SANDRA - Taken in New York City on 5th Avenue"

"C.R.E.A.M. get the money?"