Jens Haugen Knows What It Takes To Get A Good Photo, Go BTS To See How He Does It

Go behind the scenes with photographer Jens Haugen. Jens produces some amazing work. Probably because he shoots with a hasselblad,(jokes). A lot of work goes into fashion photography like this. From Mua's, Art Directors, Stylist, ect.. every person has an important role in developing the finished product. Not having a entourage should not discourage you tho, it just means you have to work harder and pay attention to detail with a fine tooth comb. For instance the color schemes in these photos are very well constructed and tie her outfits in with the BG. The balance of light and the way they use the light to shape her face is really beautiful too. Hope you feel inspired by this video. Check out his website to view more of his work.

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RUSS's picture

is it me or do these pictures have the "instagram" look/feel to them?

Agamemnon's picture

Arata ca pula

Drazen Babich's picture

A little...however he seems to be madly in love with split-toning, it's just a little too much of it that's all.

I think the "Instagram" look is mostly due to the color grading of the actual video, not the photos.

Matthew Wagg's picture

Lets not forget at all that the model is critically important in the shoot. You guys are all talking about the assistants, mua's and so on but without that particular model's very high level of talent these photos would not be as good.Look how she gets into the character of the shoot and builds her poses before each shot. Its very remiss of you to say its all down to the photography team.

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I like the appropriately placed play button on the main summary page of articles. LOL