Never Before Seen Images of Marilyn Monroe Released

Never Before Seen Images of Marilyn Monroe Released

In a new book, “The Essential Marilyn Monroe,” Milton H. Greene’s son, Joshua Greene features 284 of his father's images with 176 images never before being seeing by the public.

Milton is best known for his fashion and celebrity portraits, including shoots with Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, and Audrey Hepburn. He passed away in 1985 believing his images would be lost with time, however with many hours of restoration work, the images have found a second life.

In 1953, Milton met Monroe while on assignment shooting for Look magazine. The pair immediately hit it off becoming friends and later as business partners. Marilyn Monroe Productions was established and the pair produced films such as “Bus Stop” and “The Prince and the Showgirl.”

Through the years Milton and Monroe took thousands of photos, and this book features images from 50 of those photoshoots. Monroe can be seen in a myriad of settings, from ballerina dresses to swimming pools, and in both color and monochrome. Published this month by ACC Art Books, the new book currently has a perfect five-star rating on Amazon and currently ranked second in books.

Sixty-plus years after these images were taken, they can finally be enjoyed as they were meant to be: printed.

[via CNN]

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Trey Amick is a full-time photographer based in Northern VA. Trey found photography as an outlet to the work-life he wanted out of, and after several years made the jump. Trey focuses on landscapes for personal projects but can be found working on commercial projects and weddings as well. Trey also enjoys bladesmithing.

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Thanks for the heads up!

Certainly not the most beautiful woman, with nose bulb, short legs & decidedly unathletic, the sustained eye appeal demonstrates her power engaging with the camera (and perhaps the timelessness of screaming red lipstick and platinum bleached blonde hair). Three looks; 1. sad, 2. gidy & 3. sexpot, suffice to create acting greatness for a sex symbol in the 50s.

One interesting (to this photographer) shot of the available samples online shows the shooter in a mirror and reveals a classic Nikon rangefinder. I am perhaps not allowed to republish this, c'est la guerre, right side of dual image below:

what crack are you smoking? is there something wrong with your eyes? and what do you consider beautiful if you think mm is so unattractive? i bet you're one of dumb guys thinks someone like kate moss, jennifer aniston, or khloe kardashian is the ideal. her face was in proportion, she was not tall, and women in this era didn't workout like they do today. you're obviously on something and/or blind because you can't recognize beauty.

Could you please be more juvenile? Thanks.

i could be, but you're not worth it, what u go on about after your unathletic bit makes no sense

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, clearly you (John) define beauty differently than KP and myself ( as well as many others). Suffice it to say constructive critisim of the subject within the art of photography is interesting to this MM fan. I do agree that arguing about ones opinion in a public forum is childish. Cheers

There is a methodology to criticism taught at University art departments. My short post is perfectly valid because it stays within the bounds of that process. It is not thorough, nor is it meant to be, as this is a lightweight comment forum and I am not paid to write here. It is however the sort of writing that gets you an "A" in a fine arts photo curriculum at a quality university under a top professor. Willing learners do well to pay attention.

The juvenile reaction I received is welcome by me for it's comparison value. And I will use the two posts together to point out to students how to, vs how not to, confront an image in written English. His reply would result in KP being asked to drop the class by the professor.


I made a case (not groupthink) that was useful exactly because it is mildly challenging: "Certainly not the most beautiful woman ...." I then offered VISUAL OBSERVATIONS from which I drew that opinion. One may argue that her legs are actually long, she has no nose bulb, and is athletic, and therefore prove I cannot put into words what I see, but you can't argue that if those things are true then she is in fact "the most beautiful woman." So my opinion is founded on what I see SPECIFICALLY not how I feel (everyone is very fond of Marilyn Monroe). I then proceeded to state more specifics, as a way of addressing her success as an actress and rounding out the post - that she engaged with the camera very well with controlled expressions. That's good stuff and again willing learners should pay heed.


In art history M.M. was an archetype of American male desire in the 50s ie a sex symbol. The question becomes, "What is a sex symbol?" The idea of beauty and the idea "sex symbol" are two overlapping but very different ideas. Women do not feel the same way about her that men do etc. As counter example consider Ingrid Bergman (Casablanca). She was more beautiful but never a sex symbol per se. In fact Monroe made looking slutty cool, which enthralls men (and boys) to this day. Ironically there are "more beautiful" women on this very page that reinforce my view.

The art evaluation skill is to notice what you see, to be able to express it in words, to care enough about intellectual honesty to do so without being reactionary. Most of all avoid groupthink! If you can only groupthink, why bother?


It's not remarkable a troll came at me, I also value the down thumbs as a strange social media phenomenon (What is the point?) I didn't even downthumb my insult monkey KP. ;)

My view is that everyone can learn, but many are unwilling. What matters is that the willing learners get the information they deserve to grow into better visual artisans, craftspeople, and artists.


😄😄😄I think different viewpoints like this are v interesting about marilyn. Everyine is not everyones cup of tea ... Im obsessd w her though haha 💝 GODDESS
thanks for the pic upload...v cool 😳

Proofreading this article would help. One of the films she made with MM Productions was "BUS STOP" (not top).

Interesting. She knew how to work light and angles