Photographer, Peter Alexander, Falls To His Death During London Fashion Week

We've heard unfortunate news that photographer, Peter Alexander, has died this past weekend during a Fashion Week party. It happened on Friday, September 14th, when Peter and his unnamed friend fell out of a 3rd story window. This incident occurred in Shoreditch, an area of Eastern London. Unfortunately, Peter did not make it. The friend, who was also a model in the industry, is currently in stable condition at the hospital. 

His friend landed on a parked car, while Peter landed directly on the pavement. Peter was just 28 years old with a bright future ahead of him.

 Billa Baldwin, 43, Mr Alexander’s best friend who had invited him to the celebration, today told of his shock after the accident last Thursday. He said he was on the building’s roof terrace when he heard a “bang”.

“I went to the floor below and my mates said Peter’s gone out of the window. I looked out and saw Peter there, and another guy.”

Paramedics were unable to save Mr Alexander who, Mr Baldwin added, had been sober. Police believe there were no suspicious circumstances. (The Standard


Our condolences go out to his family and friends.


Location of the incident

[Via The Examiner via The Standard]

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Slight correction: Shoreditch isn't a city, it's a part of East London.

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Thank you Josh! I appreciate that input. 

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Sad. :(

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At moment there I thought I read Peter Hurley...

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have no idea who this guy is. did he have a website?


Tragic, best wishes to his family and the other guy the felt down.