Subway Selfie Star Shows Us All What Confidence Is

Subway Selfie Star Shows Us All What Confidence Is

A stranger on a subway car in New York City did her own full-on selfie photoshoot without a care in the world about people watching.

The whole selfie thing has always been funny to me. I am too self-conscious to try different poses in front of a camera with people around. I think we all live with a little too much fear of being judged so stories like this are pretty great.

The video of the bold selfies caught the attention of the world after Twitter user Ben Yahr shared it saying hilariously:

This woman giving it ALL to the selfie cam on the train is SENDING ME

You can see in the video that the girl in the video has her phone propped up and must have it on a timer while she works through sultry poses worthy of a Glamour magazine shoot.

The original tweet was liked almost a quarter of a million times and the video clocked in over 9.3 million plays to date. The woman ended up seeing the tweet and being identified as Jessica George. Her new title is unofficially the Subway Bae and she added the grand finale to the story by delivering the final results of the shoot in her own tweet.

This is so 2019 in a good way for a change. Let this be a reminder to care less about what others think and step out of your comfort zone sometimes.

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Michael B. Stuart is a photographer at Stu Stu Studio in Lewiston, New York. Besides shooting weddings with his wife Nicole his specialties include long exposure, abstract monochrome creations, architecture, and bokeh. Work has been featured online by Adobe, Flickr, Google, and 500px with the most popular photo receiving over 950 million views.

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Really? This should be retitled, "In praise of narcissism". It's not like we don't see that absolutely everywhere nowadays, is it?

I look forward to every train journey being full of overweight chicks gyrating in front of a cellphone, that'll be awesome. Not.

Who's weight is she over?

I could absolutely see this in a subway and I would probably feel like asking her if she wants me to take a few for her with her phone. However, that would totally ruin the mood of being alone in a crowded and antisocial place like the subway. I think she got it right and the follow up shows.

So many people hate on selfies, and call it narcissism, and maybe it is, but maybe stop and think, "Why do I care so much about what strangers are doing, especially when it doesn't effect me at all." Because on their side, they don't give a shit about what you think, and frankly, that's the positive side. They're just doing their thing, not hurting or bothering anyone, and people get SO MAD at that. I often wonder if the reason people have such hard opinions on this has a direct relation to the fact that they care what other people think, and it angers them when they see people not caring about what they think.

Take selfies. Who gives a shit. Do you if it doen't hurt others.

But here's the thing: They do care what others think, otherwise they wouldn't bother posting their train wrecks on Instagram.

You, sir, are delusional. Not only do they desperately care what we think and solicit our views, upvotes and comments at every turn but they intrude into everyone else's lives.

You can't walk down a street without some idiot stopping in front of you, without warning, so they can snap another selfie, today.

I don't get on trains for fat birds to dance about in the carriages to take a selfie. I like a bit of peace and quiet on my commute as do most other passengers.

And so on... it does "hurt others". It's not psychologically healthy for the idiot doing it either. These people are dopamine addicts - in search of their next hit.

If they block the way or stop abruptly to take a selfie, it can be annoying. However it is nothing compared to people on wireless earbuds starting to talk loudly all a sudden in a grocery store, especially when they start asking a question to someone on the phone... Now that's plain rude.

Nick, your thumb down reveals a lot. Not surprisingly.

You think that the person posing for a selfie out in public gives a shit what you think of them, and I'm delusional. Okay.

"....especially when it doesn't effect me at all."

Obviously your not a lavender (or other type of) farmer who has had their crops trampled by these people... or someone wanting to view a superbloom... only to find massive swathes of the flowers flattened...

Damaged natural wonders and national monuments, people who can't get out their front doors because people taking "selfishes" are blocking their way.... the list goes on and on.

If you're not holding the phone at the time, is it still a "selfie" or is it just a picture of yourself?

It's just a self portrait, which are artistically, and socially relevant.

"Subway Selfie Star" Think about that for a bit......