The Most Ridiculously Awesome Steadicam Shot Ever

My brain couldn't comprehend how this was possible I so I told myself it was some how computer generated to keep my head from exploding. I then saw the end of the video, and I still don't quite believe it. All you need is a Segway, a Steadicam system, and an Olympic sprinter to pull focus.

Here is the full song:

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Update: First I thought this was shot live then I thought it was fake, now I've been told it's real and it was filmed live. Guys, help me find a clip of this filmed live. I want to see it done during the actual event.

There needs to be a steadicam competition and that man needs to win it.

WTF CGI crowd ??? The BTS part is a rehearsal (dixit 0:44).

By the way, this cameraman is one helluva of a master to go from the rolling Segway to running in a circle on a stage around a Beliorussian singer in a heartbeat !

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SHIT, how the hell did he go down from that thing and kept running and going up on the stage like that, and with this guy running next to him ?!!!
I don't believe it either !

Ok I give more props to the guy running besides the guy on the segway. Is he the one pulling focus? I couldn't tell if he was or just holding cable

the guy running along is shooting a video of the guy w/ the steady cam!

Yeah, the dude running next to him is pulling focus. He doesn't need to be running though. He could have just used a remote monitor, like most normal Steadicam 1st ACs do...

He's either very confident or completely unhinged.

Lots, and LOTS of practice. These guys are absolute gods with cameras.

Awesome transition....
But in my opinion the band sucks....

OMG! Awesome camera work and yeah like you said the guy who focuses must be in pretty good shape!

I am not a camera expert, but what does "pulling focus" mean? What is that guy doing exactly? :)

@Jake: good Steadicam assistants don't use monitors, they are much more precise in estimating the distance, from any perspective. At least the ones I know. This one obviously masters zoom and focus. The operator and his assistant are an amazing team.

Impressive camera action there, but it also gave me the best laugh today.

I don't know how you would go about doing this kind of work any other way, but it still feels, how do you say it...ghetto :D

This looked like Eurovision song contest, so if they did similar stuff for every country, they have to be in really good physical shape.

the guy following him is holding cables. no way they could pull focus in those conditions. Not much depth to those shots, so wouldn't surprise me if they were using infinite DoF. Props to that awesome camera man! Although, the shot could have been stabilised a bit in post to iron out any kinks.

This was live...

Saw this argentinian movie e few months back, El Secreto de Sus Ojos.
IT was a great movie, but is had this amasing shot in it,
its probably CGI for a part but its still amazing to see.

That is some awesome stuff.

Ive used a steady cam vest before (ok it wasn't one of the best ones) and its hard work!

@Angel: On most big production shoots there is a camera operator that frames the shot and then a camera assistant that "pulls focus". This means they are right next to the camera guessing the distance from the lens to the subject and using a wireless remote control to focus the camera. This is what the follow focus system looks like:

It may be this kind of Segway that doesn't have the standard handlebars we're used to seeing. From this video, it looks like the Segway is controlled with a seat-like joystick between his legs and allows him to dismount like the we saw in the topic video.!

It's Karsten Jacobsen.. He's Danish. He is soooo Damn crazy.. I have seen him work live for several days in 2008 in the Danish national song contest.. We made fun of He's focus assistent and called him Golum.. But they kick ass A's a team.. See more here..

This is Hilarious! xD

One of my friends is perfecting the technique using a glidecam on rollerblades. This technique has been used in the x-games for years but now with introduction of the DLSR's the filming can get amazing smooth. He filmed this competition warm-up
Then glide cam saw it, sponsored him, flowed his a bunch of gear then he made this
for a promo video with one of the smoothest skaters around Victor Aries
Now he shoots weddings with it when he can and bridal shoots where there is concrete.
Here is another video of Vinny shooting the intro of the TV show House following a skateboarder. A shooting angle not achieved using anything else up to date.


Great shot. To me the incredible part of this was the transition from segway to the stage. That to me was the best part of this whole thing that I still can't believe.

OT: that guy and his assist are AGILE.. that was impressive footwork to say the least.
Dale T., just to clarify.. That shooting angle (and lower) has been used by skateboarders for decades using everything from home-rigged steady arms to production gear. Props to your buddy for getting work, but it's nothing revolutionary. Jus' sayin'


Can't say much for the music, but that's a sick video!

Sorry for my ignorance, but I like the fly of the camera, it could be to much, but that's the function of a steadycam... to fly.

A much better version is available here:


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