Can Your Smartphone Help You Take Your Film Photography to the Next Level?

It's not very often, if ever, you may think to use your smartphone when shooting film, but there are a few tips and tricks you can use on your phone to help you out. What are they? Take a look!

It's very likely you will have tried using your smartphone for your digital photography, be it mobile editing apps, using it as a remote release, or to take photographs on the go when your camera is at home. But how could it help a film photographer? Coming from Buzzfeed News, film photographer Kelly Keltos explains how she uses her smartphone for different parts of her photography, both during the photography session as well as after, with some of the apps even being free of charge.

There's no reason why you wouldn't use the best and latest technology has to offer to combine it with the beauty and imperfection of film photography if it can make the process easier or more enjoyable. Some may disagree and wish for the two types of this visual medium to remain completely separate, but others may enjoy combining the two.

Keltos' advice is helpful for both professionals as well as novices; each can find something to take into their photography to make the workflow easier. For beginners, Keltos also recommends using a smartphone to simply practice different lighting situations and experimenting with a variety of film-based filters, as well as connecting with like-minded people who all have the same passion, regardless of age and experience. 

Did you find Keltos' advice useful for your workflow? Do you use any other smartphone apps for your film photography?

Lead Image by Colin N. via Unsplash, used under Creative Commons.

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Adriano Brigante's picture

I don't use light meter apps. I've always used the Sunny 16 rule and I get my exposures right 98% of the time.

I've used an excellent developing app (Film Developer Pro) but I don't anymore since I do semi-stand development and there's no need to be precise with the developing times.

I don't use any scanning app. I use a flatbed scanner.

Only app I use nowadays is Instagram to share my work and to get to know other photographers and see their work.

Anete Lusina's picture

Would you care to share your instagram page? It's always nice to connect with readers!

Adriano Brigante's picture

Of course! Here it is:

Michael Ashby's picture

I have used the Massive Dev Chart, the world's largest film development chart, for years. I use the Massive Dev Chart Timer app on an iPhone when developing my film. My recipes have been incorporated into the app.

Ken Hart's picture

I don't own a smart phone. I've taken my film photography to "the next level" using skill and practice.