Hipsters Rejoice! A Build-It-Yourself Plastic Camera

Hipsters Rejoice! A Build-It-Yourself Plastic Camera

There's no denying the growing popularity of Lomo photography in recent years - especially if you've ever visited an Urban Outfitters. The motto for Lomography is, "Don’t Think, Just Shoot," - which is kind of ironic considering their newest offering requires quite a bit of thinking. The Konstruktor is a $35 build-it-yourself camera that should give hipsters a better understanding as to how their 'antique Instagram machine' actually works.

The Konstruktor takes one to two hours to assemble - depending on how many of the included stickers you add to your camera.

Lomographic cameras are inherently designed to produced images with "oversaturated colors, extreme optical distortions, rainbow-colored subjects, off-kilter exposure, blurring and alternative film processing, all things usually considered bad in photography."





Via Lomography / Gizmodo / Wikipedia

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I can also see this as a good learning tool for the beging photographer, help understand the in's and out's of a camera. I want one!

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an f/10 lens isn't going to help anyone! D:

Learning to work within restricted parameters is a great way to learn, even, gasp, f/10.

Though I'm a digital photographer myself, I welcome anything that will help keep film alive. Despite the bad rep of lomography cameras, they're probably the strongest force film has atm.

man those are some hairy arms